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Manually planning master routes is a very time consuming and complex activity. Due to this, routes aren’t as efficient as they could be and the re-planning of routes doesn’t happen as frequently as it may need to.

Are you ready to optimize your data?

Learn what a full end-to-end integrated routing optimization solution can do for you:

  • Support master route optimization and maintenance
  • Conduct daily dynamic planning and real-time execution
  • Save money and time on the road and in the office
  • Win new business with competitive pricing, response times and margin confidence
  • Gain trust for repeat business with responsive customer service

AMCS will demonstrate a state-of-the-art routing solution and show you the value that other customers have realized. See how the AMCS Web Portal can support stakeholders beyond planners and dispatchers. Watch live order slotting, mobility interaction with a live plan, KPI monitoring, and proactive customer service interaction.

Thorbjørn Schmidt-Jacobsen - Global Director, Routing Solutions - AMCS
Matthew Monroe - Senior Consultant, Routing Solutions - AMCS

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